Clase de español 1 (parte A)
This course is an introduction to the study of Spanish and its cultures. The emphasis is placed on the development of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students learn to perform the most basic functions of the language and become familiar with some elements of the Spanish-speaking cultures. The proficiency goal for this class at the end of the course is Novice Low-Novice Mid.

Dear Parents:This is a brief note of gratitude. I want you all to know how much I have enjoyed working with all your children. I will be joining the Global Studies team at the Central Office (CMS). As part of the Global Studies team I will continue to serve students, parents, and faculty. I will be working with the Study Abroad Program and with the World Languages Specialist. While there is a part of me that is sad to step out of the classroom after 17 years of service, I look forward to serving you all in my new role.
Know that I value my experience in the classroom and wish you all the very best as you see your children grow into exemplary adults.
A very capable, committed, and energetic new teacher will work with the students to see them through to the end of this year's curriculum and to prepare them well for next year. His name is Mr. Jason Nino.
Have a wonderful Spring break and a great end of the 2014-2015 school year.All the very best,Michele

Students need to complete the three column chart they copied from the board in class (3 things they knew already about Spanish/Spanish cultures, 3 things they want to learn about Spanish/Spanish cultures, 3 things they learned in class in Spanish). Students also need to read and sign the syllabus with their parents and complete the information sheet. due Aug 27 A day, Aug 28 B day.

Students read the handout on Tu vs. Usted (and asking for someone's name) and complete the activity at the bottom of the handout. Due Aug 29 A day, Sept 2 B dau.

Students teach someone at home or practice with someone how to ask for someones name in Spanish and how to say their name in Spanish. Students need to have the signature of the person they work with to receive credit.

Students need to complete activity #1 on the handout to practice asking and telling names of people other than themselves. Due, Friday Sept 5 A day, Monday Sept 8 B day.

Students study the alphabet, practice the alphabet song, and use the link below called "el alfabeto pronunciation" to practice the letters of the alphabet, and to practice spelling their names. Due, Tuesday, Sept 9 A day, Wed Sept 10 B day.

Students need to study their notes on the uses of tu vs usted, asking and saying names, and the alphabet. Students will have a quiz. Due, Thu A day Sept 11, Fri B day Sept 12.

Students learned about the use of cognates as a listening and reading strategy in Spanish. They borrowed a copy of a magazine in Spanish to look for and list the cognates they find in 3 different articles. Students should also watch a the second video posted below called "los cognados en espanol". Due, Sept 15 A day, Sept 16 B day.

Students use the strategy of cognates to read a screenshot of a Google page in Spanish. Students need to highlight cognates and say three things they learned after their reading. Due, Sept 17 A day, Sept 18 B day.

Students need to study and review the Passwords to use helpful phrases in Spanish in the classroom. Due, Sept 19 A day, Sept 22 B day.

Students finish reading the article on greetings in the Spanish-speaking world and answer the questions on the second page. Due, Sept 23 A day, Sept 24 B day.

Students are studying the countries and capitals of South America. Students need to color in their maps and study the map of South America. Due, October 1 A day, October 2 B day.

Students are learning how to count and do simple math in Spanish. Students study and review their notes on the numbers in Spanish from 0-31. Students can also watch the number song video below (the same we watch in class) to review. Due, October 7 A day, October 8 B day.

Students continue to practice and review numbers 0-31. Students need to complete a worksheet containing simple math problems in Spanish. Due, A day Monday Oct 13, B day Tuesday, Oct 14.

Students review numbers and study asking for and saying phone numbers in Spanish. There will be a quiz on Friday, Oct 17 A day, Monday Oct 20 B day.

Students should review and study the language to talk and write about their age. Students answer 3 questions in Spanish (Part D of the handout). Due, Wed Oct 29 A day, Th Oct 30 B day.

Students should review and study the language to talk and write about their age. Due, Mon Nov 3 A day, Tuesd Nov 4 B day.

Students are learning how to talk and write about school supplies, and how to say how many of each item they have or need. Students review the classroom objects vocabulary notes from class. Students complete the sheet "Cuantos hay". Due, Monday, Nov 17 B day, Thursday, Nov. 20 A day.

Students will have a short exam (telling age, birthday, counting, classroom items, telling name, and any of the topics covered thus far). Students need to review their notes and use the class notes to prepare. Student also received a copy of the 2nd Quarter Progress Report. Please sign and return the report. Due, Dec 3.

Students are learning how to talk about the things they like and dislike. After watching a video about various fruits in Spanish, students need to write about the fruits they like and dislike in Spanish. Due, Dec 9 A day, Dec 10 B day.

Students need to review and practice the flashcards with the vocabulary to talk about things they like and dislike. Students can practice playing the game 'scatter' and getting the fastest time. The flashcards are posted below (they are the same we used in class). Due, A day Dec 12, B day Dec 15.

Students need to bring in a magazine or a newspaper they can use to cut out pictures to create a collage. Due, A day Dec 15, B day Dec 16.

Students create a collage on paper or using Glogster to show things they like and dislike. They will present their collages in class. Students also review the new vocabulary (espinaca, dinero, papas fritas, etc) to take a 10 point quiz. Due, A day Dec 17, B day Dec 19.

Students finish the reading passage, answer the multiple choice questions and provide evidence to support their answers. Students may highlight the text. Due, B day, Jan 9 on A day, Jan 12.

Students watched three videos and took notes. Students use their notes and the model sentences they copied in class to say which of the characters from the videos they are most like and most different. Students must give at least 2 reasons why (in Spanish). Due, B day Tuesd Jan13, A day, Wed Jan 15.

Students use 7 new adjectives (from the vocabulary they learned in class) and write 7 sentences in Spanish to describe themselves. Yo soy.... or Yo no soy..... Due, B day Mon Jan 19, A day Tuesd Jan 20.

Students work on writing descriptions of themselves as part of the lyrics of a song they listened to in class. They use the lyrics to the song and alter them to write descriptions of themselves. Due, Mond Feb 2.

Students will have a test on descriptions (listening, reading, and writing). Students need to study their notes for Quarter 3 on descriptions, Due, Thu Feb 4 A day, Fri Feb 5 B day.

Resources and Links
Google Voice (704) 750-9687.
Libraries to complete work with technology

Creative Language Classroom

Study Spanish
Languages Online
Ejercicios con videos, trailer, anuncios, vocabulario (el video del mesero)
CNN Mexico
Real Academi
Phone, Email, Birthdays
El alfabeto pronunciation
El alfabeto video y actividades
Letter Bingo Wheel

Puedo ir al....por favor

South America Song (Countries and Capitals)

Los cognados video

Los "passwords" (estrategia de frases)

Los saludos #1 Greetings Digital Dialects

Como se escribe y el alfabeto

Number Bingo Wheel

Descripciones de personas famosas

Las cosas que me gustan

Me gustas tu (edited for Spanish class)

Alicia y amigo que te gusta

Al Hippie le gusta

Los Números

Los meses del año

Los días de la semana.

Cancion mi mochila es pesada

Rap mi mochila

La edad

Cuantos hay, edad, cumpleanos (practica)

(para la prueba parte A1)

Guadalupe (para la prueba parte A2)

Descripciones de personas famosas

Como soy yo cancion y letra

Idea para describir personas y hablar de la belleza

Como soy yo y usted (la belleza es global-articulo)

Las Personas Famosas - ¿Cómo son? on PhotoPeach

La familia

La Hora

¿Qué hora es?

¿Qué hora es? (One Direction)

Mi Rutina Diaria**

Partes de la casa


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